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20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Auto insurance is expensive, but necessary. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are many ways to save money on your insurance. Trying to find discounts and ways to cut costs on coverage can be frustrating, time-consuming, and confusing. Luckily, we have done the research for you. Below we have compiled several common discounts and strategies to help you save money on car insurance.

13 common discounts that you might already qualify for:

1. Multiple Vehicle

  • You own two or more vehicles
  • Your child’s vehicle is insured on your plan

2. Multiple Policy

  • You have more than one policy, including automobile, homeowner, condo, renters and business insurance with the same carrier

3. Good Driver Discount

  • You have not been in an accident or been cited for violating a traffic violation within the last three years
  • In other words, you have one violation or one non-bodily injury accident or less on your current record

4. Mature Driver

  • You are 55 years of age or older and you have completed a “Mature Driver Course” sponsored by the DMV

5. Good Student

  • Your child is under 25 years of age, enrolled in high school or college full-time, and maintains at least a 3.0 grade point average (B average)
  • College students need to be enrolled in 12 class units or more to be considered a full-time student

6. Vehicle Tracking System

  • Your vehicle has a tracking system used to recover a stolen vehicle (ex: LoJack)

7. Occupational Discounts

  • You are a member of one of the professional groups listed below:
  • You are an educator
  • You are a member of a medical association
  • You are a member of Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • You are a Certified Public Accountant
  • You are a member of an alumni association
  • You have a Bachelor of Science degree in; Science or Engineering

8. Service Professional Discount

  • You are a firefighter
  • You are a pilot
  • You are a paramedic, or part of an EMT group

9. Homeowner Discount

  • You own a home or condominium

10. Student Away

  • Your child is a college student living 100 miles away from home and does not have a car at school

11. Anti-Theft

  • Your vehicle has a built-in alarm system
  • If the system is automatically engaged when you turn off the ignition and close all the doors, your discount will be greater

12. Safe Vehicle

  • Your vehicle has anti-lock brakes
  • Your vehicle has a crash-alert system

13. Driver/Passenger Protection

  • Your vehicle has airbags
  • Your vehicle has automatic seat belts

7 strategies that you can employ now to save money on your premium:

1. Be a safe driver

  • Avoid talking on your phone or texting while driving
  • Avoid lending your vehicle to someone who isn’t licensed (you will be held responsible for any damages that person causes)
  • Avoid drinking and driving

2. Raise your deductible

  • Request a higher deductible

3. Ditch the monthly billing

  • Pay in full every 6 or 12 months, rather than paying monthly
  • Consider using EFT automatic withdrawal, if you can’t afford to pay your bill in full
  • Some insurance companies waive installment fees or charge a lower fee for using EFT

4. Get initial car insurance quotes for models you are interested in

  • Choose your dream car wisely
  • Some cars are more expensive to insure than others

5. Adjust unnecessary coverage

  • Confirm you’re not over-insured
  • Consider reducing your “Collision” and ‘Comprehensive” coverage if you have an older vehicle

6. Lower your “Annual Mileage”

Consider asking your agent to lower your “Annual Mileage” if you:

  • don’t drive very often
  • commute is short
  • own a car that is not used to commute
  • carpool

7. Shop around and compare prices

  • Each insurance carrier offers different rates and discounts
  • Comparing different rates and discounts will help you get the best value on your policy

Even if you are happy with your current coverage, you may benefit from speaking with your agent about some of the discounts and strategies above.

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Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only. All statements illustrated in this book are subject to exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. Each situation is unique and may require an agent to get all the relevant facts of the situation before giving competent insurance advice. Coverage is subject to individual insureds meeting our underwriting qualifications and to state availability.

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